Jackson Payer & Sega Sorba: Ride & Relaxation

Jackson Payer exploring the trails on Skidaway Island.

How to get out on two wheels and look like a million bucks.

So you think you need a mountain to mountain bike?

Au contraire. All you need is two wheels and the gumption to blaze your own trails, metaphysically. That’s what Jackson Payer did. As president of the South East Georgia chapter of the Southern Off-Road Bicycle Association (SEGA SORBA for short, or at least shorter), he’s part of a group of dedicated riders who make it their mission to keep area trails clear and ready for riders of all types.

“There’s a lot that goes into good trails,” he said. SEGA SORBA carries responsibility for three trails locally, helping plan them as well as maintain them once they’re up and running. “They’re all multi-use trails. The objective is to create what we call 8-80 trails, meaning they can be enjoyed by anyone from 8–80 years old.”

At some trails, like the one the group maintains on Whitemarsh Island, signage indicates paths that lead off to more technical features to, “spice it up for advanced riders.”

“Being an 8-80 trail doesn’t mean dumbing it down, it means designing a trail that has options,” he said.

Along with Whitemarsh Island, the group also maintains trails at Tom Triplett Park and at Skidaway Island, seen here. “In the evening here on Skidaway you get absolutely gorgeous sunsets, since the trail goes right along the bluff,” he said. 

To learn more visit segasorba.org.

"Jackson Payer is decked out here in gear from Mission Workshop Clothing, missionworkshop.com "


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