South Magazine - Aug-Sept 2019

The Magnificent Art of Hair

The styling team at Shear Elegance created these amazing and whimsical looks for the photoshoot with Zoe Christou Welsh — perfectly capturing her style of photography.

The Huntress Hannah Barron

Hannah Barron is as real as they come — a southern Alabama native who happens to be a social media sensation. Sure the hunting and catfish noodling have made her famous, but that’s just Hannah being Hannah.

Beating Father Time

Dr. Ryan Reeves has revolutionized the aging process, by creating a technique that truly is nothing short of Beating Father Time.

Cadets of Salvation

Four addicts on the brink of self-destruction claw their way back to civilization — enduring countless stints in rehab, many relapses back into addiction and several perilous overdoses. The program that finally saved their lives might just ring a bell.

Make Yourself at Home

The ravages of Hurricane Matthew proved to be a golden opportunity for reinvention in this stunning Tybee Island home.

From Georgia to Oprah

Kristen Baird’s Splash Cuff made a big splash on Oprah, but that’s just the beginning of her story.

Hidden in Plain Sight

Ringed by marsh grasses and towering live oaks, the private sanctuary of Buck Island tantalizes from the shores of Hilton Head Island. It hints at the opulence that awaits any who chance to visit, or call it home.

Living Art

From presidential inaugurations to the Academy Awards, Michael Skaff and his extraordinary works are quite literally breathing new life into Savannah’s spaces.

Big Bon Stacking up to the Hype

The family behind the famed mobile pizza oven sets their sights on another iconic NYC cuisine, furthering their incredible legacy.

Jazz Fest

Dolette McDonald, world-famous pop and rock backing vocalist, finds harmony in Savannah.

Fit'n Pretty

Fitness and bodybuilding saved her life — now she’s showing others how to improve their style through a healthier lifestyle.

Talking ACL Tears with Dr. Shealy

An ACL tear used to be a debilitating injury for a dog, but with revolutionary surgery techniques and proper physical therapy, Dr. Paul Shealy is getting them back on their paws. Unlike humans, dogs tear their ACL over time.

French Summer Retreat

Say farewell to summer and greet fall with style among the lush surroundings of Middleton Place, a Charleston Plantation that exemplifies Southern sophistication.

Big City: Ken Roy

The country singer that's redefining a genre — how Ken Roy uses his strong work ethic to fuel his passion.