Behind the Lens with Photographer Zoe Christou Welsh

Behind the lens with international fashion and beauty photographer Zoe Christou Welsh.

Zoe Christou Welsh enjoys a high-flying career as a fashion, beauty, commercial and celebrity photographer shooting for brands and magazines such as Yumi Katsura, Zoey Grey, Christiano Lucci, American Salon, Modern Salon, and Seventeen Magazine. She’s a three time North American Hairstyle Awards photography finalist and the winner of “Best Of The Best: Bahamas,” a television series pitting twelve of the top fashion photographers in the world against each other.

However, three years ago her work came to a screeching halt when her husband was diagnosed with brain cancer. She devoted herself to taking care of her partner until he passed away, leaving her a window and a single mother. Following his death, Welsh was so grief-stricken that she remained on an additional two-year hiatus from her work.

“During those three years, my mind would escape to these dreamy, fantastical concepts,” says Welsh. “Even when I wasn’t shooting, I never stopped imagining.”

The Savannah-based photographer stockpiled plans for shoots, which would come into play when she resumed her career.

“The loss was terrible, but I fought to avoid depression as best I could,” she says.


“I’ve always thought in stories. I was a teacher in England, so storytelling was important for the kids,” she says. “Now I’m a visual storyteller.”

Welsh’s subjects often look reminiscent of a fairytale, a bygone world — or one that never existed at all. In a sense, her work transports its viewers anywhere but the present moment. Her dramatic compositions are an escapist’s paradise. While she technically shoots fashion and beauty, among other things, Welsh’s work also provides the option of a temporary release from reality.


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