Husk Savannah

Chef Sean Brock

Sean Brock’s four-city celebration of Southern cuisine comes to Savannah.

Before he could truly feel comfortable opening the next Husk location in Savannah, Chef Sean Brock had to do his homework.

“We spent four months tirelessly researching the cuisine of Savannah,” said Brock. “The more we dug, the more we found that Savannah was this kind of a utopian place that marched to its own beat. The cuisine followed that.”

The Virginia native who came to Charleston at age 18 has made these subtle regional differences in Southern cuisine his bread and butter, launching the first Husk in 2010. That original Charleston restaurant was named the Best New Restaurant in America by Bon Appetit, and was followed by Husk Nashville in 2013 (which earned a Best New Restaurant award from Esquire).

Husk in Charleston, SC.

Now Savannah will get the next location in the James Beard award-winner’s concept. Brock unearthed a treasure trove of classic recipes and ingredients in his months of searching, helping him define a menu that will be distinctly Savannah. Thanks to our vast port and rich history, a whole world of culinary influences converged in Savannah, from native-inspired terrapin dishes to the obvious impact of Irish and Eastern European chefs. Through his research Brock intends to bring them to mouth-watering life when Husk opens its doors. 

“It’s been fascinating to interview people and see what they ate growing up,” he said. “The inspiration is endless and so much fun.”

Husk Savannah will open soon at 12 W. Oglethorpe St. in Savannah's downtown historic district.

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