“Hot Pink” in Savannah: A French Artist’s Reverent Irreverence at the Jepson Center

There is something big and “Hot Pink” floating in the entrance to the Jepson Center, and you don’t know what it is. Part flying pig, part kooky vegetation, part wacky nautical form, “Hot Pink” is the creation of world-renowned artist, Anne Ferrer. She will attempt to explain this amorphous inflated thing tomorrow, Thursday, April 9th, at 6:00 p.m. in the Jepson Center Auditorium.


In our interview yesterday, Ferrer said, “I love the color pink. It is both reverent and irreverent. It is the color of Carnivales and of slaughtered pigs.” Her first studio after returning home to Southern France from attending Yale for her M.F.A., was in a butcher shop. The forms and colors informed her. She was also heavily influenced by  the disco era music and fashion. “Growing up in rural France, my sister and I did not have any exposure to fashion, so we devoured fashion magazines and made our own outrageous outfits. We were wild!” she explained.


He time at Yale exposed her to many conceptual artists who knew how to construct complex patterns. Taking a cue from them, she combined her love of fashion and fabrics, with he passion for manipulating forms. Ferrer starts with parachute and sail fabrics flat on the floors and starts cutting shapes. “It is really like jazz music; I don’t know where I’m going and I don’t really care,” she said of her process.

Ferrer also makes inflatable costumes to go along with her sculptures. She will be wearing one for the Jepson Center event, and so will South’s Editor Ashley Borders and designer Erika Jarman! “I make fun of French fashion, but at the same time pay homage to it. The French seem only concerned with food and fashion and…fluff!”

“Hot Pink” is a real opportunity for Savannahian’s to revel in high contemporary art. Ferrer raved about the space in the Jepson Center. Of all the places around the world she has shown, the only place to host her work in Paris is the Centre Georges Pompidou, “Museums in Paris are so history heavy! They are for dead people!” This show promises to be for the living! Join in the fun at the Jepson Center for her presentation, art and fashion show at 6 p.m..  For more details, visit www.telfair.org.