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Criminal Defense
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Hollywood loves to romanticize the criminal process. But there’s nothing romantic about facing criminal charges. There’s nothing funny about wearing an orange jumpsuit.

Stacey Goad used to build cases for the State of Georgia. Now she tears them apart.  Stacey wants everyone to know the State’s first duty to the citizens of Georgia is to uphold justice.  Not everyone arrested is actually guilty of a crime. For years, Stacey represented the State of Georgia as a prosecuting attorney in both metro Atlanta and Savannah.

She left to pursue her dreams of representing the innocent and providing the constitutional defense guaranteed to each and every one of us, regardless of our level of culpability. Her clients have spoken. She is a genuine success. Former clients and their families have sent her flowers and sang her praises in many forums. “Goad is gold,” says one parent. “Stacey is one of of the great criminal defense attorneys of Savannah,” says another. Stacey responds modestly to such glowing reviews. “I genuinely appreciate each and every person who has placed their trust in me.” The reality of criminal defense is far from Hollywood. But, Stacey is certainly a rising star.


Justice for All


Goad Law is a strategic and aggressive firm focused solely on criminal defense. Whether your loved one is facing a misdemeanor or a major felony, Goad treats her clients with the care and compassion they deserve while handling every case with an unrivaled level of skill and professionalism.  



Law enforcement can and will use any permissible tactic to charge suspects with crimes.  Most people do not know that a law enforcement officer is permitted to lie during the course of his investigation. For this reason and many more, suspects need legal representation from the moment they are placed under investigation.



If charged, will your loved one be allowed to await trial outside of jail?  Anyone facing a misdemeanor offense is entitled to a reasonable bond.  If, however, your loved one faces a felony the standards for bond change dramatically.  Make sure you seek out the professional help they deserve during this trying time.



With years of experience as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney, Goad explains the process to her clients in terms we can all understand. No need to be a legal scholar, Stacey has you covered. If there is something you need to know, just ask.


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