Global Eco Adventures

When you’ve seen the Earth from some of the highest mountain heights and lowest ocean depths like Tom Mullikin has, you think differently about its beauty and its people, its resilience and its fragility. And you want others to think differently too.


But first they have to see it.


That’s why Mullikin – a Camden, South Carolina, attorney, avid outdoorsman and longtime environmental sustainability advocate – started the nonprofit Global Eco Adventures with the help of his son, Thomas Mullikin, Jr., and the rest of the family. Its premise is simple: To create awareness of environmental sustainability through educational expeditions to faraway lands like Antarctica and the Amazon, and to research projects on fragile ecosystems like the Galapagos Islands.


“The trips that I’ve led teach about the environment while in the environment. And it’s amazing how people come out with a very different set of optics afterward,” says Mullikin, who remembers the first time his own worldview really changed – on a vacation to Alaska with a friend when he was in his early 20s. Hunting, fishing, and hiking the last frontier opened his eyes not just to the greater beauty of our world, but also to how much we take it for granted.


He leads these trips because he strongly believes that to truly effect positive change in a fragile ecosystem, we must first understand everything that has led up to the moment of crisis. And showing is better than telling.


To read more about the highest peaks and deepest oceans Mullikin has explored, pick up the April/May Adventure Issue of South magazine. If you’re interested in taking an adventure with Mullikin (and why wouldn’t you be?), head to