Author: Robyn Passante

Tina Tyus-Shaw

Tina Tyus-Shaw reflects on a devastating tragedy that birthed a life-changing strength within her and altered her destiny.

Machine Gun Preacher

The former hired gun for drug deals in cities dotted across the U.S., now wields an AK47 on missions of a whole different nature halfway around the world.


Growing up in a rural South Carolina church taught the NEEDTOBREATHE boys about faith and family, and instilled in them the roots of real Southern rock.

To HELL.A. & Back

Not many people can say their beard skyrocketed them to fame, fortune, and their fallout. But then again, not many people have a beard like Gregory Broome’s.

Iron Mike

When you’re facing long odds and hard time, defense attorney Michael Schiavone is the person you want standing beside you in the courtroom.

Global Eco Adventures

When you’ve seen the Earth from some of the highest mountain heights and lowest ocean depths like Tom Mullikin has, you think differently about its beauty and its people, its resilience and its fragility. And you want others to think differently too.

Larry Vickers, Tactical Genius

When al-Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden was killed with an HK416 in Pakistan on May 2, 2011, it was a U.S. Navy SEAL who pulled the trigger. A half a world away, retired U.S. Army 1st SFOD-Delta veteran Larry Vickers felt a swell of pride and a personal connection to the deed, and for good reason: The most notorious terrorist in history was taken out with a weapon Vickers had helped to develop.

Summer Forever

Some superstar singers like to live the way they perform – loud, proud, and for all the world to see. Their lives are an open book and their parties have an open-door policy. When they’re not recording or touring, you can find them wherever the action is.


Kaylin Riney, 23, was juggling her studies at the University of South Carolina in Columbia and modeling jobs with two agencies when Rich Carnahan, the associate director of the Miss South Carolina International pageant, sent her an intriguing message on Facebook asking if she’d like to run for the title. The striking brunette with several tattoos and zero pageant experience was hesitant at first.

Country Music's Hottest Stars

Whether you call Florida Georgia Line’s unique blend of hip hop beats, country twang and good-time vibe a revelation in the industry or merely the best of “bro country,” Tyler Hubbard – the Georgia half of the explosively popular country…