Face of Wholesome Care/Dr. Yulianty Kusuma

dr. yulianty kusuma of internal medicine of savannah is the face of wholesome care – photo: d. paul graham


When you walk into Dr. Yulianty Kusuma’s practice, she will treat you as she would her own mother or brother: like family.

In Dr. Kusuma’s life, family and work meander and meld like a scale tipping one way and the other until it levels. And she handles her practice in that very way, with the care and grace of a tightrope artist, all in service to a belief that in that balance lies true health. “I believe when you maintain that balance, you will live happier and healthier; therefore, your vision of life purpose becomes clearer and more solidified,” she says. “Good impacts result, letting me provide great care physically and mentally to first family, patients then to surroundings and also hope this will continue to spread to others in a healthy way.” Since 2012, Internal Medicine of Savannah has been a top choice in primary healthcare. internalmedicineofsavannah.com / 912.349.6624