Denise Boutte

Actress* Denise Boutte gets back to her Southern roots with new cookbook.

There’s a reason we added an asterisk to the word actress up there. Denise Boutte is certainly an actress, there’s no doubt there, with huge roles in films like “Why Did I get Married?” and “Extreme Movie” and a recurring role in IFC’s “Stan Against Evil.” 

The asterisk is simply because there’s so much more to Boutte than her acting. A full-fledged entrepreneur, she somehow manages to squeeze in time to produce the TV series Bronx SIU and promote her new cookbook and full line of “Weeziana Girl” seasonings in between days on the set.

The hustle may have brought her to Los Angeles, but her Louisiana roots are what feeds her burgeoning empire.

“All I dreamt about growing up was getting off that farm and leaving,” she said. “That forms the foundation of who I am. I wouldn’t be the same person I am today now if it weren’t for that.”

There’s something to be said for the Southern ethos of hospitality and shooting it straight – in the LA world of fake smiles and empty promises, it has helped Boutte stand out as she makes her way through the film industry.

“I keep my word,” she said. “A lot of people say things, but they don’t follow through. People think things happen overnight but you have to get up in the morning claiming your blessing and working toward it, but you gotta keep your word.”•


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When Boutte first met Chef Jernard Wells, they realized they had a few things in common: a love of Southern food, and a professional obligation to remain camera ready. And if you know Southern food, you know those two things don’t often go together well.

“We thought maybe we could take traditional dishes and modify them,” said Boutte. The result is Southern cooking with a more health-conscious approach.

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