Danielle Hicks and the Resistance Drops New Album ‘Honey’

You know Danielle Hicks and the Resistance best as the local Savannah band with the big sound, courtesy of Hicks’ sultry siren’s voice and Ben Keiser’s bluesy riffs.

Now you can take one of the area’s best live acts home with you, with the release of “Honey, the band’s first album. Far from a shoestring indy effort, “Honey” enlisted some serious star power to create an album that provides a perfect platform for that Resistance energy.


Honey producer Jim Scott has amassed a legendary career in the recording industry, racking up seven Grammy awards and working with acts from the Red Hot Chili Peppers to the Rolling Stones. Adding to that pedigree was a cadre of big-name studio musicians, including keys by John Ginty (Santana, Allman Brothers), Jesse Ingalls on bass (Ben Harper), guitarist Neal Casal (CRB, Ryan Adams), and drummer Jimmy Paxson (Stevie Nicks, Cheryl Crow)! As well as, keys by Chris Joyner (Heart) and Alan Hertz on drums.

"I am proud of this record,” said Hicks. “It's an all-star production filled with love and energy; there's something for everyone. The end result is everything I dreamed it would be and I'm excited to get it out there. The response so far has been heartwarming and I'm so thankful for the support!"


Want to bring home this star-studded tour de force from one of Savannah’s powerhouse local acts? Check out the Indiegogo campaign for “Honey” here. The digital download is now available, and CDs will ship within the next two weeks. The campaign ends Sept. 6, so act quickly to reserve special upgrades.

“We have some wonderful perks in exchange for your support, from CD's/Vinyl packages, private concerts, gifts, guitar lessons, a photoshoot with my fiance Blake who did the album artwork, and more!” wrote Hicks in an email to fans. In addition to getting some sweet swag with your album, you can even get your name on the album credits and book a custom recording of your favorite song.

Check out the campaign, and then enjoy the sweet results of one of our area’s brightest stars collaborating with a recording legend.