Christy Wright: Business Boutique

True Nashville native Christy Wright takes her Dave Ramsey—approved message to the people.


The story of how Christy Wright became a small-business guru to an entire generation of women has many chapters already. It’s a story of perseverance, of sacrifice, and of the fearless pursuit of the American dream.

And it starts when she was just six months old.

At that young age, even though she probably didn’t realize it at the time, she was being given one of the best role models an entrepreneur can ask for. With $64 dollars to her name, Christy’s mom was able to convince a Nashville candy store to rent out some empty window space to her in exchange for 10 percent of her small bakery’s profits. Before long, there were lines around the block for the delectable cakes she was producing out of that space.

“She’s still in business,” Wright said. “She’s semi-retired but she still does it to keep her skills sharp, as she says. It’s been an incredible journey to have a front-row seat to a strong, powerful woman using her God-given gifts. It’s been the very example that shaped me into who I am today.”

That example helped shape one of the rising stars in financial wizard Dave Ramsey’s corps of speakers. Her new book, “Business Boutique”, codifies a philosophy of female entrepreneurial empowerment already flourishing through her Business Boutique community. Through special events and her website, Wright has helped cultivate a new culture of independent female-owned businesses.

The success stories that have sprung out of this community flood the pages of her website, many of them springing from her hometown of Nashville. An independent web design firm that followed her principles dug out from thousands in debt. A semiannual market that learned the value of social media through Business Boutique saw their business skyrocket. All these success stories, all these Southern women who are charting their own course, have built upon Wright’s teachings.

“We’re wired differently as men and women,” Wright said. “I wanted to speak to women directly and meet them where they are, in their unique challenges and opportunities.”

The book is an extension of this culture, and just the latest endeavor for this true Nashville native (“I’m one of the few Nashville natives these days,” she’ll tell you with a laugh) whose journey to entrepreneurial rock-stardom began with her own side business boarding horses. Her success there landed her within the Ramsey organization as a project manager where her transition into a celebrated speaker began just beyond the boundaries of her comfort zone.

When Dave Ramsey’s daughter Rachel found herself overbooked, Wright volunteered to handle some of her speaking engagements. “The organizers asked if I could speak, and I told them, ‘I think so.’”

It turns out she not only could speak, she found her calling as someone who can use her own talents to help others pursue their dreams.

“I didn’t really grow up asking permission to follow my dreams. It was assumed I would follow my dreams,” Wright said. “My mother was my model and that’s why I’m realizing how rare and special that is. I want to empower other women and equip them to do that because not everyone had that model to grow up with.”

Christy at a speaking engagement courtesy of Ramsey Solutions.

"I wanted to speak to women directly and meet them where they are, in their unique challenges and opportunities. "


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