The Making of Savannah's Most Prestigious Hotel District

After more than eight years of intensive planning, inspired creation, occasional setbacks and one highly inconvenient global pandemic, plant riverside district has finally opened its doors. We spoke with a few of the people behind the scenes to find out what it was like turning an eyesore into an icon.

One Unexpected Way to Wipe Years From Your Face

This year has probably left many of us in need of some TLC, but did you know there's a non-surgical, no-needles solution to wrinkles, loose skin and undefined jawlines? It involves a trip to the dentist, specifically, Beyond Exceptional Dentistry.

Cadets of Salvation

Four graduates of Savannah Salvation Army’s intensive life rehabilitation program strike a pose and share their stories.

The Top 5 Amenities Your Didn't Know You Needed - The Mark at Chatham

The Mark at Chatham is a brand new luxury apartment in Chatham Parkway, Savannah. What will you create in a chef-inspired kitchen? Don't miss the grand opening weekend event August 27-29, with door prizes, food, drinks, and giveaways. If you're in the market for a new lease on life, check out these five cool amenities that makes The Mark at Chatham the perfect place to come home to.

Keys to Success for Businesses in the South

  As we all know Southern hospitality knows no bounds, businesses included. When you’re choosing where to spend your time and money, you’re likely to choose the businesses that stand out from the rest. But what makes a great southern…

VOS CPAs - Accounting that Matters

Don’t Underestimate the Value of Accounting and Finance. It matters.  VOS CPAs has been providing tax and accounting expertise to the residential, multi-family and commercial construction segment in New York since 1989, expanding its practice into Georgia in 2011. We…

SCADstyle 2018

SCADstyle 2018 celebrates global design innovation and leadership, April 10-12.

What Can I Do To Stop a Terrorist Attack?

What Can I Do To Stop a Terror Attack? "What can I do to counter a terror attack?" This is a question we often ask ourselves following a horrific catastrophe such as happened recently with the truck attack in New…

The Gift Giving Season

Thanksgiving is underway which means in just a few days we'll all start hearing Christmas music playing throughout the super market. If you're in the downtown area, you've already seen the Christmas tree on Bull Street has gone up. It's…

Phone Scam in Chatham County Area

An important announcement for all Chatham County Residents:  Spokesman for Chatham County Sheriff, Pete Nichols said there's been an influx of phone scams in the area and they are becoming more efficient in execution.  These scammers have started using a…