Balbo & Gregg

Warriors take legal expertise on the road with wide-ranging practice that covers 4,200 square miles.

A.J. Balbo and Chester “Chet” Gregg know exactly how prosecutors think because they were prosecutors as JAGs (members of the Army Judge Advocate General’s Corps) at Fort Stewart. The two attorneys decided to go into private practice after their service which included deployment to Iraq.

“We wanted a nice country law practice,” Chet said.

And some days it might feel like it covers the country.

“We have offices located in Richmond Hill and Hinesville, and our practice extends an hour in every direction. That’s a lot of counties. We consider ourselves road warriors. We’ll go wherever we’re needed.”

About half of their business is in criminal defense, but along with their associate Nichole Davis, they also work in personal injury, bankruptcy, family law, and real estate. When it comes to military clients, they’ll fight administrative matters and courts-martial.

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