Author: Kelly Harley

Richard Kessler is Mr. Hotel

If you’re familiar with Savannah in the slightest bit, you’ll soon learn that many people who are born here find it hard to ever leave. No matter how worldly, how successful or how powerful, something draws them back. Entrepreneur and luxury hotelier Richard Kessler is one of those people.

Greatest Moms 2019

Southern mothers are like no others, pouring their souls into raising their children to be the best they can be. Tough as nails and graceful as swans, these southern moms tackle the challenges of motherhood with heart, dedication and love.

Last of the Good Ol Boys?

Love him or hate him, politicians like Brian Kemp are changing the future of politics by introducing a new sense of honesty.

Urban Gardenin’

The art of urban gardening is taking root here in Savannah thanks to the help of Victory Gardens. What better way to be confident in what fuels your body than to know you grew it in your own backyard?

Travelin’ in Style

In a world where travel is a necessity for many, there is one company that is setting the standard on how people move around the world.

When Tragedy Strikes

You’re out to dinner with your family and the man at the table next you to starts choking. You’re walking into the mall and you notice a woman on the ground who is unconscious, would you know what to do?

The Hunt

When the pavement meets the dirt, you know you’re heading in the right direction. Tucked away, just 25 miles from Savannah in Midway, Georgia, sits a place that's sure to send you back in time.