3 Ways to Enjoy a Romantic Getaway for Two on Hilton Head Island

When people talk about getting away to Hilton Head Island, they’re usually referring to two types of holidays: the golf foursome getaway or the full-fledged family vacation.

And you can forgive the island for cultivating such a reputation. After all, with 24 world-class golf courses scattered throughout the island there are few places where you and your golf buddies can find so many opportunities to play. And families come here from all over the world, since 12 miles of beach can create quite a few sandcastles.

But one Hilton Head Island getaway that’s often overlooked is the romantic getaway. Which is crazy – how many people out there list their ideal date as “a long walk on the beach?” We’re willing to bet somewhere between “everyone” and “seriously, everyone.”

And if you want to spend your dream date taking a long walk on the beach, you can certainly do that here. But if you’re looking to take that dream date from a single night to a full week, you’ll probably need to find a few more romantic activities.

And Hilton Head Island is happy to oblige.


Table for Two

Hilton Head Island’s vibrant restaurant scene is filled with wonderfully intimate dining options to set the mood for romance.

It’s been said that French is the language of love, and food the quickest route to the heart. These two great romantic sentiments are definitely expressed write large at Charlie’s L’Etoile Verte on New Orleans Road.

One of the island’s most beloved institutions, it offers an ever-changing menu (hand-written daily) that dances between Continental cuisine and Lowcountry seafood. The flounder meuniere is a long-time favorite, but our personal go-to on the menu is the duck with raspberry demi-glace. The good thing is there, there are no bad choices among this inspired culinary collection.

Amping up the romantic quotient is the comfortable French farmhouse feel of Charlie’s, with curtains and hanging window frames create intimate spaces for discrete conversations.


Dinner and a Show

Looking for something surprisingly cosmopolitan and sophisticated, while still rooted in the island charm of Hilton Head Island?

Take your S.O. out to the HHSO – the Hilton Head Symphony Orchestra, that is. The symphony is truly one of Hilton Head Island’s most underappreciated treasures, not to mention a great destination for a romantic evening out.

This coming month will see performances of Beethoven’s Eroica as well as a special presentation of Porgy and Bess in Concert. Both will be performed by a troupe of musicians that rivals any big-city symphony you’re likely to find.

Under the skillful direction of Maestro John Morris Russell, the Hilton Head Symphony Orchestra is the perfect way to take your date night to the next level.


… Now About That Long Walk on the Beach

But of course, you’re going to want to take that long walk on the beach. And we have just the place to start – and end – that walk.

Available from Vacation Company, 401 Barrington Arms is that cozy little beachside getaway you’ve been dreaming of, with high-end amenities and upgrades to set the mood for love.

Located right on the exquisitely private beaches of Palmetto Dunes, this two-bedroom villa gives you elevated views of the sandy dunes and sparkling waters beyond from a blissfully secluded balcony. Enjoying private access to these magnificent views is a spacious master suite with king-size bed and private bath featuring an oversized walk-in shower.

It’s the perfect place to launch that romantic getaway on beautiful Hilton Head Island.