Drs. Christi & Pete Ghaleb – Family Medicine

Drs. Christi and Pete Ghaleb of Family Medicine of Pooler are partners in life and business—demonstrating the power and effect of family values in healthcare.

Photography by Blake Crosby

Drs. Christi & Pete Ghaleb – Family Medicine

Who: At Family Medicine of Pooler—run by the husband and wife duo, Christi Ghaleb, M.D. and Pete Ghaleb, M.D.—medicine might be their middle name, but it’s family that gets top billing.

What: “I chose Family Medicine because it’s a little bit of everything and I get to take care of every age group from infants to seniors,” said Dr. Christi Ghaleb. “Any given day might consist of taking care of ear infections and strep throat in children, doing physicals on young adults, or performing minor office procedures on seniors. Being a Family Medicine Physician also means that I can take care of your entire family, thereby feeling as though I am a part of the family, where patients are comfortable sharing their challenges and celebrating special occasions.”

Why: Treating the family also means excising the red tape of insurance to allow for more dedicated one-on-one care. “We are a Direct Primary Care practice,” said Dr. Pete Ghaleb. “Which essentially means we don’t let anyone, including insurance companies, come between us and our patients.” Recognized by outlets from Pride of Pooler and Gulfstream to South magazine where they were named best doctors, Family Medicine of Pooler excels by putting patients first.

Family medicine of pooler Services:

  • Telemedicine 
  • Wholesale medications and labs 
  • Direct primary care for children, young adults, mid-aged and seniors

Family Medicine of Pooler
Pooler, GA
912.748.1100 • familymedicineofpooler.com

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