Dr. Ben Spitalnick – Pediatrics

Dr. Spitalnick—"Dr. Ben" to his patients—is to go-to physician and expert for local, state and national leaders and outlets on pediatrics.

Photography by Blake Crosby

Dr. Ben Spitalnick – Pediatrics

Who: “Dr Ben” to his patients, there is good reason he is the choice for so many expectant families. His expertise is recognized throughout Savannah as a called-upon expert from state leaders and news media. Having recently completed a term as the President of the Georgia Chapter of American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), Dr. Spitalnick was able to advocate for healthcare legislation and policy in Savannah on a state and national level, giving him the chance to stand up for his patients outside of the office. He’s a multi-award winning doctor and co-author of a popular parenting book published by the AAP, but to his daughter and newly adopted beagle, he’s simply, “dad.”

What: If there’s a certification, the docs at Pediatric Associates of Savannah have it. Dr. Spitalnick is one of a team of 11 board certified pediatricians at the practice, where every visit is always with a doctor. The practice is open 365 days a year and has adapted during the pandemic to keep up with the needs of patients, including telemedicine, online appointment access and check-in, and an abundance of increased precautions to keep patients protected. As Dr. Spitalnick and his partners are all parents themselves, their philosophy is that every patient is treated exactly as they would want for their own children. In addition to the physicians, Dr. Spitalnick’s amazing nurse and talented staff do the heavy lifting to keep patients healthy and happy.

Why: The reason Dr. Spitalnick chose pediatrics is the same reason he is the top person to entrust with your child’s wellbeing: it’s truly his calling. His mentor in family medicine confronted Spitalnick during medical school, after noticing that Spitalnick devoted far more time in the office to his pediatric patients, who always left with a smile.  At this moment his path into pediatrics became clear. It’s not easy to establish a rapport with kids in a doctor’s office–it takes patience and an ability to get on their level. It’s a gift that Dr. Spitalnick brings to his field that really sets his practice apart. —

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