Dr. Nizar S. Eskandar – Nephrology

For Dr. Nizar S. Eskandar, his job is not complete until he sees that look of relief and joy in his patients' (and their families) eyes—and knows he has answered his true calling.

{ L-R: Velma Russell, Ashley Martin, NP, Sherrina White, Dr. Nizar Eskandar, Amy Presley, Christine Swords, NP. Not pictured: Courtney Morton, NP, Vera Green LPN, Tricia Williams, Practice Manager } Photography by D. Paul Graham

Dr. Nizar S. Eskandar – Nephrology

Who: Dr. Nizar Eskandar is thankful to be practicing medicine in “the greatest country in the world,” as Savannahians are grateful to have access to his dual board-certified expertise in nephrology and critical care. Having arrived in the U.S. with only his medical education and motivation to work to the top, Dr. Eskandar has achieved his dream of helping others through science and research. He cites his wife, Margarita, as the true voice of wisdom in his erratic life. Be sure to ask Dr. Eskandar about the latest podcast or audiobook he’s listening to in his time away from the office!

What: Dr. Eskandar specializes in both nephrology and critical care, which affords him an increased perspective in his practice. He takes care of any kidney diseases from hypertension to worsening kidney function due predominantly to diabetes. He also specializes in kidney stones prevention, autoimmune diseases (such as Lupus), severe swelling in legs and electrolyte abnormalities. By dual-specializing in critical care (or ICU medicine), Dr. Eskandar is equipped to handle the most difficult and serious medical conditions. 

 Why: To Dr. Eskandar, there is no greater joy than seeing satisfaction and gratitude in people’s eyes after making them feel better or saving their loved one. To him, practicing medicine is sacred, and he brings empathy to every individual he treats. By putting himself in his patients’ shoes, he is able to make the best medical decisions possible for each person’s unique needs. Having wanted to be a scientist all his life, Dr. Eskandar truly loves every moment of what he does. 

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