Dr. Ghaleb, Family Medicine of Pooler

Family Medicine of Pooler

Dr. Christi Ghaleb, Family Medicine of Pooler, chose family medicine because it has a little bit of everything. “The unpredictable pace deflects boredom and always keeps me on my toes,” she says. “To me, it seems more about fostering relationships than treating diseases.”

Ghaleb is the child of a family practitioner and grew up seeing the impact a doctor has in a person’s life. Her father was her role model and her inspiration for becoming a doctor. That passion for medicine rubbed off on her, and she has continued her family legacy by giving patients in the area the best possible treatment. She attends medical conferences annually to stay up to date on the latest medical advancements, and always tries to communicate effectively and with compassion. “I believe that makes me a better person,” says Ghaleb. “If that happens to make me stand out as a doctor too, all the better.”

Dr. Ghaleb practices at Family Medicine of Pooler. See more from her and our other doctors in the latest issue of South.