Youth vs Youthful

The modern capabilities of cosmetic dentistry

Want to light up every room you walk in to? Studies show that smiling improves your health, lowers your stress level, and brings joy to those around you. Plus, it boosts your immune system,  lowers your blood pressure, releases endorphins, and makes you look younger! Of course, healthy teeth are the foundation of every gorgeous grin. But to really dazzle, a sparkling set is a must.

Dr. Kevin Dickinson has changed lives with his smile enhancements, saying he has had patients "with terrible social and professional relationships, and they changed tremendously after they could smile and speak with confidence." Customized plans for each client utilize innovative technologies with every procedure. Dr. Dickinson finds great reward in watching his patients develop more confidence and self-esteem with their newly improved smiles.






Patients like Jane Zimmerman are very pleased with their results from Dr. Dickinson.