You Don't Want to Miss the 2015 Savannah Children's Book Festival!

Did you read books as a kid? Were you one of those children who kept their parents up into the night begging, “Just one more story! Please just read one more!” ?

Or perhaps, if you weren’t, are you now the parent of such a child? It’s a strangely satisfying feeling to experience someone so enthralled by words, illustrations, and the abilities of a storyteller. The excitement is infectious. Seemingly simple pictures, phrases and rhymes take on a new meaning and awaken a sense of wonder, joy, and nostalgia.

As enjoyable as it can be to read these books as an adult, the importance of the experience of book reading as a child cannot be discounted. Today’s kids are growing up in a society obsessed with apps, screens, and the latest update. When a child’s entertainment usually consists of smartphone games and digital streaming, the feeling and knowledge that comes with stopping, opening a book, and turning the pages one by one, has become even more invaluable.


Forget the smartphone.

Set down the iPad.

For once, leave the apps behind.


And go to the Savannah Children’s Book Festival! Help your children learn to love books, reading, artwork, and everything in between. From 10am to 4pm on Saturday, November 14th, at Forsyth Park, kids and adults will be able to hear from their favorite authors and illustrators from around the country and enjoy a variety of activities throughout the day. The children’s book festival is the perfect opportunity to encourage literary and artistic interest in your children, connect with your community, and have fun!



Date: November 14, 2015

Time: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Location: Forsyth Park


-Internationally celebrated author and U.S. National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature, Kate DiCamillo

-over 50 authors and illustrators from throughout the Southeast

-Food and Entertainment


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