Why You Should Print Your Brand

Sometimes when we think about advertising, we get hung up on the idea of cumbersome billboards and expensive airtime. The good news is, spreading your brand never has to be that hard, especially with printing services like those offered at Savannah's own Kennickell Group.

For The Kennickell Group's President Al Kennickell, selling a product comes down to making sure people know who you are. The best way to do that is to get your name out in print. In addition to printing magazines and newsletters tailored to your business and its customers, The Kennickell Group also offers large-scale services like banners, custom wallpaper and vehicle wrapping.  

"Delivery vans and service vehicles are like free billboard space," says Kennickell. "Driving around a city like Savannah, you might be seen 30,000 times a day, so if a vehicle is not outfitted with everything you would put on a billboard, you are missing a relatively inexpensive advertising opportunity.” 

The Kennickell Group has recently expanded its services to include umbrella canvas, which means fully customizable awnings and table umbrellas for your outdoor spaces. "This is going to change the game," says an enthusiastic Kennickell. 

It’s this type of progressive and unique branding that has made The Kennickell Group essential to Savannah business. With no limitations on your design, you can get started on printing your brand today. 

Al Kennickell is President of The Kennickell Group. Call 912-233-4532 or visit www.kennickell.com to check out the group's digital services.