Why the Savannah Airport Commission is Most Excited about the Destination

 Savannah airport commission of savannah/hilton head international airport – photo: provided


Why Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport is Most Excited about the Destination

At its heart, travel is about a destination. It’s about setting your focus on a point on the horizon and moving forward. It’s the destination, but it’s also the journey along the way.

Just by virtue of being the Lowcountry and Coastal Empire’s largest terminal, Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport would be a natural fit for our face of travel. But when you look at travel as the pursuit of a destination, you gain a much clearer picture of why this Savannah institution is the ideal choice to hold that title. 

Appointed by the mayor and city council of Savannah, the Savannah Airport Commission has worked tirelessly to improve the airport since the commission’s inception in 1949. Under the oversight and direction of Executive Director Greg Kelly, they have ushered the airport into a new era, expanding on airlift to let Savannahians and their neighbors explore that horizon. And they’ve also brought the world to our doorstep. The airport helps power Savannah’s economy, bringing tourism here and taking Savannah business around the globe. “Savannah has so much recognition worldwide now,” said Shirley James, Airport Commission member.

The journey along the way has been fulfilling, but it’s the destination that may prove the most exciting. Kelly and the commission have kept their eyes 50 years down the road, ensuring a lasting legacy of world-class air travel for the city of Savannah. Their destination is an intelligent expansion of the airport’s reach and its infrastructure, including multi-million-dollar interchange improvements and continuous modernization of the airport itself. 

It’s a destination worth pursuing, and a journey that has reaped rich benefits.

“We’re a major economic engine for this region,” James said. “To be part of seeing that growth and development and the impact on the city is a privilege. I have the opportunity to work with a staff and our director who are dedicated to making sure our airport is one of the best in the nation and in the world.” The commission is responsible for setting the overall vision for the airport and ensuring the airport has the resources to meet public needs and federal regulations. James and fellow commission member Chairman Stephen Green discussed what serving on the Savannah Airport Commission means to them. “It’s an honor to work with committed and talented professionals. Our people make the difference,” Green said. “We call it the airport family.” 

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