Why Drinking Water can be Dangerous

While most people may know Liza DiMarco as the market savvy real estate agent at Cora Bett Thomas Realty many don’t know she’s been studying health and fitness for the majority of her life. 

If you offer her a glass of water, DiMarco will easily decline as she holds her Yeti tumbler, the one item aside from a cell phone and keys that she takes with her everywhere. After learning that our filtration system does nothing to get rid of most of the chemical DiMarco bought her Yeti and began filtering her own water. A study done in 2016 reported that 37 different drugs were found in water after it had been treated at 25 different drinking water treatment plants across the US. “Imagine all those people who are like, ‘Oh, let me just flush my drugs down the toilet,’ all that gets into our body… we don’t even realize we’re ingesting [it],” says DiMarco.

She began to question her health after listening to a broadcast that linked cancer to fluoride. Which, was introduced in drinking water throughout the US in 1945 to prevent cavities. “Toxic chemicals that are in our water are not purified the way we think they are,” says DiMarco. Who now uses two different filtration systems to clean her own. Both a steam distiller, which take out all the minerals and content, making it 100 percent pure and reverse osmosis, which just takes out impurities and leaves the rest in. With humans being made up of around 60 percent of water, which we consume and absorb through our skin DiMarco believes this should be a top priority.

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