Where to Find the Smoothest Tequila in the South

How do you get there? It’s a straight shot.

When Tequila’s Town launched just a few years ago, it didn’t take long for area foodies to take notice and begin showering the restaurant with accolades. Best new restaurant, best restaurant in general, best tequila bar – you name it, they’ve earned it. Their fresh approach to the cuisine of Michoacán takes the DNA of the region’s famous street food and gives it a high-end makeover, and now they’ve expanded their empire beyond food.

Tequila Blanco by Tequila’s Town is the restaurant’s own private label, and we sat down with restaurant CEO Temo Ortiz to discuss its origins and how it should be enjoyed.

South Magazine: Where is Tequila Blanco produced and what made you decide to begin producing your own private label?

Temo Ortiz: We are working with Tequileño, a company based out of Jalisco, to bottle this for us. We wanted to have a premium house tequila that would be nice and smooth for people to drink. Something premium that could shape all the cocktails we make in-house and that would be the gateway for exploring premium tequilas for people who have not ventured into premium tequilas.

South Mag: That would make sense, given your huge tequila selection.

Temo Ortiz: We have more than 80 brands and styles of tequilas – blancos, añejo, reposado – plus a lot of other agave spirits.

South Mag: And how would you describe yours?

Temo Ortiz: It’s a premium blanco; bright with a very smooth end. It’s very neutral because we wanted to make sure we could mix it with not just lime, but we could make things like palomas which are made with grapefruit juice. We’ll mix it with fruits like strawberry, tamarind and pomegranate so the acidity needed to be just right. It’s allowed us to present really nice margaritas.

South Mag: So how do you take your tequila?

Temo Ortiz: I like it straight, and I sip it. Good tequila should not be taken in one shot. Our Tequila Blanco is nice for sipping with lemon and some salt. We have some spicy salt with chili in it that's really nice to pair with it, or we have a tamarind paste with chili; that's really good.  


"We have some spicy salt with chili in it that's really nice to pair with it."


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