“Whatever Blows Your Skirt Up”

It has been said that behind every great man is a great woman. BRANDYN REAGAN is one such woman from Savannah. She serves as Executive Assistant to the President of ABC affiliate WJCL, Les Van. Van said, “TV stations are unique working environments, and it is hard to keep up with it all.

Brandyn keeps me on track with all my direct reports, putting financial reports together, organizing my schedule, and representing us on boards and at events. She was the most confident, optimistic, and passionate candidate. She is very competitive and reminds me of myself,” said Van.


“I am competitive to the core; if you want something, go and get it!” she said. She also claims to be a die-hard “work horse.” Most of her workdays are spent on financial projects, organiz- ing schedules, sitting in on newsroom and sales meetings, and serving as the Travel Host planner for the station. “I recently coordinated a huge event with over 400 guests that included government officials and VIPs. I managed all the details, including catering, vendors, entertainment, swag bags, and a photo op with the Falcons Cheerleaders!” she exclaimed.


This woman’s idea of relaxation is playing on three competitive tennis leagues and running in marathons, so there are no flies on Brandyn. Music inspires her to write creatively when she finally sits down long enough to be reflective! Her key to balancing work, motherhood, and recreation is communication. “I am a communication freak who has to have everything written down on lists, and I follow up with everyone constantly.” As a leader, she says she is “sassy and fun, but with a ‘you-better-do-it’ attitude.”


She supports causes on her own, such as “Girls on the Run.” “They instill goal-oriented behavior in girls and positive attitudes for success. Women in this world need to help each other more,” she said.


The quirkiest Southern thing she ever did as a woman was to bake muffins and cookies for the Wall Street protestors, even though she disagreed with them. “It’s a Southern thing.”


“I think slang keeps you true to your roots. ‘Y’all’ isn’t slang; it is acceptable English!”


“‘Whatever Blows Your Skirt Up.’ This was one of my grandmother’s favorite things to say about doing what struck your fancy. I think it is my favorite too!”