What to Do With That Big TV

One of you wants a big TV (or maybe both of you), but one of you doesn’t want to see it in the room constantly, a big rectangular unattractive focal point. And during football season, one of you may even be dreaming of a bigger one. This is one of the few times in life when you can have it both ways: a big TV that you don’t have to see all the time.


Art can cover a big screen TV beautifully. A panel can be designed so the art slides away to reveal the TV with a push of the remote. A simpler, low-tech version is to hinge the sides of the art (or mirror, or cabinet doors) and open both doors from the middle to watch the TV.

The TV can also be mounted on a large screen wall that slides out when you want to watch and slides back into the wall or behind a large item when you don’t.


206 Spring Island, SC. Courtesy of Celia Dunn



Just like in mystery stories with a hidden room, you can have your TV mounted onto a panel that swivels out to watch and then swivels back in, into a perpendicular slot. Of course that method only works if there is a deep enough space for the TV to swivel into sideways.

Cabinets can contain a TV that raises when it’s time to watch.


It can go at the foot of a bed or across from a sofa. These TV lift cabinets or pop-up TV lifts are sold with the lift mechanism installed in many different design styles. You can also purchase the lift mechanism and have it installed, but you probably should check with the handyman or carpenter first to make sure it works with the piece of furniture you’re planning to use. People have also installed the pop-up lift mechanism behind a cabinet.



Instead of popping up, your TV can flip down from the ceiling (especially in a bedroom) and then flip all the way up, even recessed out of sight. With so many wireless components like DVD players, it’s easy to find solutions for the extra parts of your entertainment system. An electronics professional can be helpful, especially if you are enclosing your TV or components. It’s important that electronics have adequate ventilation.


And of course, you can always just use your design skills and balance the size of the TV with other pieces in the room; put a science or nature dvd with pretty images in during a party for an interesting visual.


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