What Is Worth Asking for According to Dr. Richard Greco

Dr. Richard greco of the georgia institute for plastic surgery – Photo: jabberpics


What Is Worth Asking for According to Dr. Richard Greco 


Meet Dr. Richard Greco. The charm and historical beauty of Savannah, the quality of the medical community, the lack of snow in the forecast, and the chance to live amid its genteel beauty was worth having, and worth asking for. So, in 1993, Dr. Greco and his wife Robin bid Pittsburgh goodbye and began their life anew in the Hostess City. “My wife and I have been very blessed to have come to Savannah and have been welcomed by the community,” says Dr. Greco. “We’ve had a great life for ourselves and all of our children. We love the Lowcountry.” That love manifested itself in a practice that has garnered national recognition and produced life-changing research. It’s a wonderful addition to our community that was only possible because anything worth having is worth asking for. mycosmeticsurgeon.md / 912.355.8000