What Happens When You Try to Get Famous

Sometime in the distant past, before Rachael Ray and Restaurant: Impossible, you could be considered a chef if you wore a white apron and cooked food for a living. Pfft. Not anymore. These days you haven’t made it until you’ve at least got a restaurant named after you and your own food product line. If cooking isn’t your thing, you could try your hand at singing or acting, but then again, do you really look the part? Every one of us could look like Matthew McConaughey or Scarlett Johansson if we wanted to. It would just take the help of a personal trainer, stylist, dietician and perhaps a full-time Photoshop wizard. Or, we could turn to plastic surgery. Pick up the latest issue for the reality of becoming a superstar!

Story by Robyn Passant

Photography by Blake Crosby