Wendell Burns is the Face of Auto Detailing

wendell burns is the face of auto detailing – photo: jamie weaver

Meet Wendell Burns. “We’re customer-service driven, but it’s more about building personal relationships on a human level. That’s what people come back for,” Wendell Burns explains. 

He’s got the credentials to prove it. Clients who had their car washed years ago when they were visiting Savannah still stop by to see Wendell when they’re in town. Burns created a system for his business that allows him to interact with each client. With a small but efficient team, he not only gets a chance to build those personal relationships, he can also take quality control very seriously. He lays eyes on every car that comes in and goes out. “We’re not an assembly line here. I’m very hands-on. I visually inspect every vehicle before it leaves,” Burns said, and he’s happy to keep it that way. “It’s more efficient, and the end result is much better because I’m not relying on others to inspect what goes out my door.” carspa.com / 912.401.7264