Warrior Wife

Power professionals don’t always wear tailored suits and work from sleek offices. Sometimes they’re mothers and fathers running the household while their spouses are deployed overseas. The 24-year-old met her husband, Greg, shortly before he joined the Army. “I was so in love with him, I didn’t care that he was in the military. During basic training, we wrote letters to pass the time until we could see each other again. It was romantic.”

Greg is a UH-60 Black Hawk Aviator and is stationed at Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah. During the last six years, the family of four has experienced two deployments, flight school and more training exercises than they can count.

Tiffany is typical of thousands of other military spouses like her. She’s educated, well-spoken, easy to talk to. If you ran into her at the grocery store, you probably wouldn’t imagine the burden that she carries with her every day. She’s slowly become aware of how vulnerable her husband’s career will make her in her everyday life. He is not the only warrior in the family—she’s fights on a battlefield, too. “You have to be incredibly strong to be a military spouse,” says Wilson. “It takes adaptability and resilience.”

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