Big city m.o. in a small town market.

VOS brings its successful New York mindset to Savannah, proving that their authentic approach can be advantageous even in a smaller market.


The coffee cups that sit on the conference table at VOS CPAs’ Chatham Parkway office are stamped with a modest company motto: “Because Accounting Matters.” It’s an easy enough concept to grasp, even if you don’t know the difference between a CPA and the CMA. Or, at least it should be.

“A lot of business owners think that accounting is accounting. That it’s all the same,” says VOS CPAs’ Founder and Director Christopher Vinas. “But it’s not. This is where we feel that we can enter the marketplace and change that. And we do change that for our clients.”


Although Vinas is a transplant to the coast – the New York accent gives him away pretty quickly – he has been active in the industry-specific sector of construction accounting since the early 1980s. Back in 2012, when Vinas opened VOS CPAs’ Savannah firm, the transition from New York’s infamous “rat race” to a more casual, small-town pace was an admitted adjustment. However, the accountant team soon realized that their big-city skill set could be advantageous in their new environment.


“The product that we’re offering is not from here, which is how I broke through to clients.”


“The product that we’re offering is not from here, which is how I broke through to clients,” Vinas explains. “The bigger banks and surety companies in North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Ohio, they’re looking at your financial statements from their perspective. Which I understand. So I can get you into that ballpark.”

With Savannah’s construction industry and economic development still evolving, VOS CPAs say they will continue to “raise the bar” for tax reporting and compliance in their already-expanding client base. They believe that maximizing potential growth can be achieved when businesses understand how to sophisticate their budget systems, secure the proper financing and bonding, and of course have a properly-prepared tax statement to keep those pesky IRS audits at bay. Because, after all, accounting matters. 

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