VOS CPAs – Accounting that Matters

Don’t Underestimate the Value of Accounting and Finance.

It matters. 

VOS CPAs has been providing tax and accounting expertise to the residential, multi-family and commercial construction segment in New York since 1989, expanding its practice into Georgia in 2011. We sat down with Chris Vinas, CPA, to figure out how to make the most of your money. 

What services do you provide? 

As a component of the financial disclosures necessary to obtain superior, affordable and premium bonding, many insurers also require evidence of our client’s ability to access working capital. This is typically evidenced by a commercial bank line of credit. VOS assists our construction clients in obtaining capital, equity and/or debt for these purposes, as well as providing prospective lenders and investors’ business plans, financial projections and business valuations. 

What advice do you have for companies looking to save more money? 

The best advice is do not discount the importance of your internal accounting and control systems. Upgrade them because the time and expenditure will result in lower debt (including bonding) pricing at an amount that more than recovers the cost and actually enhances your bottom line. 

What kind of growth can a company expect to get from working with VOS? We provide class A services in tax, accounting and finance. For a small to mid-sized company, we have found presentation of this level of financial reporting almost always results in lower cost financing and an increase in financing, all necessary to successfully and soundly grow your business. 

Any insider secrets? Don’t underestimate the value of accounting and finance. It matters.