Veterinarian by Day, Polo Player by Night

Dr. paul Shealy is not just a locally renowned veterinarian, he is also a thrill-seeking polo player.

In May of 1876,the first polo match took place on United States soil. Just six years later, the sport arrived in Aiken, South Carolina. By WWII, Aiken became the center of America’s polo world during the winter months.

     Even though Aiken has fewer than 31,000 residents, the small town has played host to many famous horses, tournaments and players over the years.

     One of those players is Dr. Paul Shealy, who is known in the local community for being one of the South’s best veterinarians. By day, he operates one of the most advanced facilities for dogs and cats in the region. After office hours, he turns into a highly skilled polo player.


“This is the only sport where amateurs and professionals can both play together in the same game.”

     Dr. Shealy’s passion for the sport runs deep, as does his love for working with animals. He is a member of the Aiken Polo Club, which has held tournaments on Whitney Field since 1882.

     Although polo is very popular in the South, it is certainly not a leisurely ride on horseback. The high-paced nature of the sport makes the game one of the most dangerous in the world–but you know that won’t scare Dr. Shealy away!

Fall 2017 Polo Tournaments: 

September 28-October 15: USPA Governor’s Cup 6 Goal at New Bridge Polo Club (6 periods) —  October 5-22: USPA Officer’s Cup 6 Goal at Aiken Polo Club (6 periods) — October 6-29: USPA Player’s Cup 4 Goal at Aiken Polo Club — October 12-14: Aiken Women’s Challenge — October 24-November 5: Aiken Fall Cup 2 Goal — November 1-3: 6 Goal Championship at New Bridge Polo Club — November 7-12: Family Tournament at Aiken Polo Club

For more information about the Aiken Polo Club, visit: or call 803.643.3611.

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