Up-and-Coming Country Singer Morgan Lynsey & Her Gypsy Heart

With a self described style like uplifting, fun and soulful, this Virginia native is ecstatic to win over those Nashville hearts. Nothing but good vibes here!

And that's what Morgan Lynsey is all about: good vibes. With her debut single, "Gypsy Hearts", which was released back in February, that's all you will find. Her pure-toned voice and keen sense of adventure and love bring a liveliness to the audience's ears. Her passion for this industry runs deep, and the road she traveled down to get where she is was no easy route. "Gypsy Hearts" is a free spirited song about her journey and glorifies simple living and exploring the beauty of this great Earth. 

She's a young, exuberant girl looking to not only take over the Nashville scene, but quickly expand to other parts of the nation, and more. She feels her sound, message and inspiration in each song is enough to move the world. She strives to remain true to her vision, no matter where this career takes her.

Morgan is set to release a second single, titled "Magic", later this year. This track takes a different turn from the first, looking in on love from every angle. It's love from all perspectives: the perspectives of the lovers, the people on the outside looking in on the lovers, and the creator of the lovers and love itself. It's a classic ballad with a timeless feel. With a story about two lovers at a personal level, it's a tune many can relate and vibe to. 

Along with this and the rest of the tracks for her debut album, she's working diligently to make her end-of-the-year deadline. For Lynsey, this world is a beautiful and mysterious adventure, and each song represents that to the fullest.

With the help of her producer, Ben Watts, and the rest of the team at Lore Entertainment, they are hitting the music scene full-force. They share the same dream and vision for her future. Lynsey sees herself as not just another country music starlet, but someone with words of wisdom and grace to give the audience something new and exciting.  She promises to “re-create the studio recordings as best as we can in a live setting with no detail spared. "I want it to be as exciting visually as it is musically so people leave the show feeling like they have seen something they have never seen before” she says. 

Morgan is truly excited and feels overly blessed for this opportunity. She hopes to bring everyone along on this life-changing road ahead. For more about Morgan Lynsey, you can visit her website or Facebook page. 

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