Unusual Stories from the Event Planning Industry with DJ Jeff

Funny Stories from DJ Jeff

You may have seen the insurance company commercial on TV that says, “We’ve seen everything, so we know how to cover everything!”

Event planners might as well have the same slogan – Just ask Bonnie Kaas at Savannah’s First City Events. She and husband, Jeff, started their business 14 years ago, and they’ve had to cope with a few um… unusual circumstances. Here are a few that brought back sweet memories:


The Hurricane Wedding

The big event was planned at the Westin along the Savannah River – right in the path of Hurricane Matthew as it neared the Georgia coastline – and the bride didn’t want to cancel. Even when the Savannah airport closed, “she just said, ‘I can fly into Jacksonville,’” said Kaas.  “I was loading the kids into the car. We were getting ready to evacuate.”

Finally, the Westin told the bride it, too, was closing down, and Kaas held a flurry of calls in her car with the bride and others as she tried to make new wedding arrangements in Macon and Atlanta.

“We ended up in Atlanta,” she said, “and it turned out great.  We couldn’t move the cake from Savannah, so we had a new one made with a radar map of the hurricane on top!”


"We couldn’t move the cake from Savannah, so we had a new one made with a radar map of the hurricane on top!"


Nipples in Church

“We had a wedding rehearsal at the church, and I knew everybody was going to a toga party afterwards,” Kaas said.  “I didn’t know they were going to wear togas to the rehearsal. Someone said, ‘this is the first time I’ve shown my nipples in church!’”  Kaas added: “It was a guy, so it was OK.”


Help!  It’s Broken!

The urgent message came to Kaas that a guest at the wedding had broken his foot.  She rushed to help with ice and towels, anticipating the need for medical help and an ambulance.  “It turned out he had a prosthetic leg,” she said.  “All we needed was a wrench.”

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