Ugly Christmas Sweaters We Want Now

We may call them “ugly,” but we all secretly love a good tacky Christmas sweater. They’re extremely warm and always a conversation starter. Here are a few styles we want to rock this Christmas.

1. Show some spirit.

If you needed another reason to get festive for this year’s bowl game, here is one more. Show Louisville who is boss, on and off the field, in this awesomely spirited Christmas sweater.

2. Sweater Vest?

If you can’t decide between a sweater and a vest, try this sweatshirt on for size. It even has a bowtie! Now that’s a deal!

3. Homage paid.

Arguably, the best Christmas movie is Home Alone. Closely followed of course by Home Alone 2. Pay homage to yet another John Hughes masterpiece with this awesome holiday sweater.

4. The holidays are ruff.

Give your pooch a little love with this Chihuahua sweater. Cacti, holly, sombreros, what more could you want in a sweater?

5. Hit the lights.

Just in case you don’t already make an entrance when you walk in the room, throw on a sweater that lights up. It’s battery operated too, so you don’t have to worry about standing near an outlet.

6. Man’s best friend … or was.

Don’t think we didn’t forget about your favorite pooch! Fido wants in on this too. He definitely needs a light-up sweater with built-in hood, because why not?

How many Christmas sweaters do y’all have? Tweet us your favorite pictures at @south_mag!

Photo used and adapted courtesy of via Flickr.