Uga X is in the House

There is no mascot in the SEC, or any other conference in college football, that is adored more than University of Georgia’s Uga.

Uga X, or ‘Que”, was named the official mascot in November of 2015. With his pure white coat, spiked collar, and his wrinkled grin, fans can’t help but fall in love with the dog that represents everything that is the University of Georgia. 

Que is only three years old and has been described by Sonny Seiler as a ‘handsome devil.’  His owner, Charles Seiler, raised Que and handles every aspect of Que’s schedule including photo shoots, meet and greets, and of course, game time between the hedges. He has prepared this new Uga for extended travel in planes and buses as well as ensuring he can manage large crowds and a noisy stadium.  Que has passed all tests with flying colors.

Since 1956, the Seiler family of Savannah has owned these beloved dogs starting with Uga I.  The mascot is a main attraction at every UGA home game.  He is easy to spot on the field with his red-roofed doghouse complete with air-conditioning and the occasional bag of ice for him to lay upon on those really hot days in Athens. Fans young and old gather on the other side of the hedges to get a close up look or to snap a pic of one of the most famous collegiate mascots.

But Uga is not just a mascot.  He is a varsity letterman, or daresay, ‘letter-dawg’. He is awarded a varsity letter, as any other UGA athlete, complete with a plaque and custom made jersey that is made out of the same material as the players’ jerseys.  

Past Ugas are honored at Sanford Stadium. The University of Georgia buries its mascots within the walls of the stadium.  Ugas I-VIII are placed in marble vaults on an embankment near the South main gate. Fans take a moment at every home game to honor the dogs with flowers and maybe a tear or two.

Fans are excited as a new era in Georgia football approaches. Uga X is a true symbol of the University of Georgia.  He stands for a Southern tradition and school spirit that can be summed up in four simple words… ‘Go Dawgs! ‘Sic ‘Em!’ 

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