Two Golden Girls are Teaming up to Tango for Alzheimer's

The Georgia Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association is reinventing the popular show, “Dancing with the Stars”, by pairing local celebrities with professional dancers to compete in a one night gala dance competition - and these ladies are going for the win! and hosting an fundraising event is comprised of local celebrity dancers paired with professional dancers, all raising funds by gaining votes!



Which terrifies you more?


1) facing the might of an angry grizzly bear


2) working for weeks to perform a dance in front of the entire city of Savannah


Think about it – then re-evaluate your perception of true courage. (Odds are, you’d rather take on the grizzly, any day).

Two lovely ladies are putting inhibitions aside to tackle a beast far more threatening than a grizzly – Alzheimer’s disease. Dubbed “Team Golden Girls”, local beauty coach Jules de Jesus Fritz, and professional dance instructor Rachel Moore, have about a week left to prepare their performance for the upcoming “Dancing with the Georgia Stars” benefit, where the Georgia Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association will reinvent the popular show, “Dancing with the Stars”, by pairing local celebrity dancers with professional dancers, in a one night fundraising dance competition.

            "It doesn't matter who leads, who follows, what size you are, whether you have 10 years of experience or 2 hours of training. “, says professional dance coach Rachel Moore, of Salon de Baille Dance Studio, “Dance is something that belongs to ONLY you. You create the journey through your own movement. Make it unique and make it your own." This girl-power duo is certainly making this a unique experience for everyone; by making history in Savannah’s ballroom competition world as the first same-sex couple has been allowed to compete. These tough cookies weren’t about to let a lack of a male partner stop them from helping the fight against dementia! Aside from getting their dance down pat, Jules and Rachel are working to meet their team goal of $25,000, by receiving $1 “votes” from their supporters. With thirteen contestants, and a goal of $25,000 each, the Georgia chapter is hoping for a grand total of $300,000 towards Alzheimer’s Disease Research.


“ Through dance I hope to encourage others to tap into their power within and do anything, no matter how unheard of or difficult. It has been an honor raising awareness and funds for research by challenging myself to compete without a male dance partner in the name of everyone affected by Alzheimer's.” I'm dancing for your loved ones and mine, we're all in this together."

                                                      – Jules De Jesus Fritz

Join Jules in her efforts to dance her way to End Alzheimer's! She has personally committed to raise $25,000 in order to support worldwide research for a cure for Alzheimer's disease, and she is almost half way there! You can support #teamgoldengirls by voting for them, and attending their fundraiser, the Savannah Stars Shin-Dig! This Friday at Mamie Ruth Boutique. From 5:30-8:30 they will be pairing up with Jules More Than Makeup and Beetnix bar, with cool activities like flower head band DIY project, fun games, and a great cocktail hour. 

“Everyone can still for me donate up to the night of May 6th”, says Jules, and there’s no better time than right now. You probably don’t have to fight a grizzly, or strut your stuff in front of everyone on the dance floor, but what you can do it VOTE, and make a difference!!        


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