Truitt Eavenson: Bright Ideas

Truitt Eavenson is happy to be back in Savannah.  After a brief stay several years ago, he has returned and is leading Georgia Power in helping grow the area’s booming economy.

As Vice President of the Coastal Region, Eavenson sees the opportunity to help the fastest growing region in the state keep up with the demand of its residents.

“There’s a reason 13 million people visit Savannah,” he stated. “It’s a great community with great people. Georgia Power is here to grow with it, both in cost-saving resources and jobs.”

Eavenson said that Georgia Power continues to change and evolve to meet the needs of the community.  Customers are using smart technology to use power more efficiently.

“Residents are managing their consumption better because they are smarter about how they use it,” he explained. “Thermostats can be controlled by smart phones.  Foam installation in attics is being installed in more and more homes, especially down south where power is used so heavily in the summer months.  They are also utilizing surge protection programs for their major home appliances.”

In an effort to keep up with the demand, Georgia Power looks to multiple generation sources. “Our coal usage used to be 75% and now that percentage has dropped based on other resources we have available,” he added, “including natural gas, nuclear, hydro and renewables.”

Eavenson also noted customers can take advantage of savings by upgrading systems for rebate programs as well as installing state of the art surge protectors, LED light bulbs and smart meters.  “There’s so many ways customers can cut costs and run a home or business more efficiently. Georgia Power is here to provide them with the smartest technology to meet their power needs.”

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