Trendy & Stylish. Top 5 Luxurious and Trendy Restaurants

If there’s one thing Savannah does right, it’s adding a little class to all our favorite dishes. From white tablecloths, to the highest quality ingredients, these trendy and luxury restaurants are the best way to enjoy the nicer side of Savannah. Oh, and remember, elbows off the table, please.


1. The Public Kitchen & Bar,

Priding themselves with their shrimp & grits dish, this casual laid back dining provides a refreshing twist of mid-century modern design and style. The Public Kitchen & Bar was created to elevate the casual dining experience while keeping a “public” sensibility. Their farm-to-table mission ensures all food is farm friendly, with the beef for their burgers coming straight from a farm in Georgia.


Photographer – Bill Naylo

2. Circa 1875,

Savannah’s most ingenious Parisian bistro and pub with a style of the 19th century offers a special old world taste of wine and atmosphere combined. Have your party in the “wine cellar” that provides a private dining space with medieval stained glass and decor. With a selection of party menus to choose from, one being named “The Marie Antoinette,” your experience here is surely fit for royalty. Along with their exquisite french cuisine the exclusive dining experience proves to be one of a kind. Bon appetit!


3. Alligator Soul,

The name says it all. Among the fine dining in Savannah, Alligator Soul serves southern handmade dishes only created from natural locally sourced ingredients and succeeds in barring an impression in your taste buds.


4. The Collins Quarter,

Mirroring Melbourne’s sensational Collins Street, The Collins Quarter hosts innovative cuisine and an enriching experience from a self-indulgent champagne  breakfast to being known this year for Diner’s Choice Award 2018.


5. Noble Fare,

A French American dining experience with a complementary black, white, and fuchsia interior and intimate setting draws you in during special occasions and romantic evenings. With outstanding reviews and impeccable service, this unique dining experience will be the first on your list.


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