Tough Justice

Viewers watched in stunned silence in living rooms across Chatham County and, in the days and weeks that followed, all over the world. (The commercial has garnered more than 5.7 million views on YouTube alone.) But while millions are now familiar with Casino’s face, with his story of public payback and his sledgehammer of justice, not many know about the varied events leading up to—and following—that grief-fueled metamorphosis from hard-nosed defense attorney to personal-injury lawyer depicted on TV a year and a half ago.

So, who is Jamie Casino? Where did he come from, and what’s he doing now? His wife, Nicole, once thought he was too good to be true.

“At first I thought he was a fake profile on MySpace,” says Nicole, 33, who met Jamie in 2006 on the social-media outlet that preceded just about every other social-media outlet. “He was good-looking, an attorney, young, single. I said, ‘Oh, this guy’s fake.’ So when I met him in person and realized he was real, I was super excited.”

Jamie, a confident go-getter from Philadelphia, and Nicole, a former rodeo princess from Oregon, were perhaps an odd match, but they quickly fell in love. At the time, Nicole had a thriving real-estate business. But Jamie was struggling, bogged down with the administrative aspects of his law practice. So she took over.

“I said, ‘We should just move in together and I’ll run the law firm, business-wise, and you can be a lawyer,” she recalls. They bought a house and opened up shop in their garage, with Nicole handling the marketing and administrative aspects of the business and Jamie getting back to what he loved—helping people who were in trouble with the law.

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