Top Reasons to go to the 2018 SCAD Sidewalk Arts Festival

Watch as brilliant SCAD artists bring a splash of color to scenic Forsyth Park at the 37th annual Sidewalk Arts Festival. SCAD students, alumni and high school students create colorful chalk masterpieces and compete for coveted prizes in this tradition nearly as old as the university itself.

The Art
Alumni, students and guests wow us with dozens chalk based art with distinct style sand disciplines inspired by diversity of culture. From drawings of musical icons to lovable cartoon figures, the exploration is limitless. This outdoor art gallery is sure to impress.

Catching Up with old friends
Alumni or not, I'm sure you'll spot some cronies from the past. This time of year is always great for catching up with old friends, as hundreds people come from in and out of town to enjoy this park-wide festival. 

Making new friends
Anybody who has ever participated knows at some point you'll need more chalk. What better way to make new friends and contacts than to ask, "Hey, are you gonna use the rest of that blue?"

Forsyth Park
All Savannains know Forsyth for its beauty. 30 acres of pristine greenery to relax under and get some shade, people watch, or tan out in the open field. Forsyth is home to the famous fountain, a Confederate monument and a tennis and basketball court that you can enjoy before, during or after the arts festival.

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