Top Eight Reasons Why Heritage Academy is Right for Your Child

Students from over 18 states and 22 countries have traveled to Hilton Head Island, SC to attend Heritage Academy due to the school’s unique academic program and philosophy.

A requirement for admission to Heritage is a demonstrated pursuit of an extracurricular passion. By combining the strong academic curriculum with intensive after-school programs in their area of interest—predominately athletic academies or the performing arts—Heritage Academy offers students a diverse, unique, motivated culture and environment. 

Top Eight Reasons Why Heritage Academy is Right for Your Child

1. Competitive Advantage:
Heritage Academy is a unique academic institution, providing each student with an advantage not only in academics, but also in passion area training, college placement, and life.

2. Block Scheduling Format::
The academy works in a block-scheduling format: three 90-minute courses that run on a semester basis. Due to increased time in each class, students are able to acquire three full credits each semester. At the end of the year, students have acquired six credits just as they would in a typical American high school—enabling students to spend half the day at school and still have enough time to dedicate to the rigors of athletic and mental training. 

3. Like-minded Student Body:
The students at Heritage Academy have thoughtfully chosen to dedicate the majority of their time to becoming the best they can possibly be in school as well as in their passions. With the help of the dedicated staff, students are able to achieve these goals.

4. Balance:
Heritage Academy specializes in achieving a balance between the importance of academics and tournament play, which can sometimes account for school absences. Travel is a critical component in the athletic development of students—Heritage Academy students do not compete against other high schools, rather against students from across the country and around the world.

5. Distance Learning:
While away from school, each child has the opportunity to connect with teachers via distance learning. Teachers utilize a web-based program called Powerschool, enabling students to view what was covered in class each day, download, and submit homework assignments. 

6. Small Class Sizes:
The average student/teacher ratio at Heritage Academy is 10:1. This provides an unprecedented opportunity for each student to remain engaged in learning, and provides the teacher the chance to immediately respond to a student who may fall behind. 

7. Global Diversity:
Though small in size, each classroom at Heritage Academy brings global diversity to the learning process. Students ultimately find themselves united by one important aspect—passion. When such a diverse community is able to come together to learn, share, and develop, each student can take away invaluable lessons that will forever be life changing. 

8. One-on-One college Counseling:
This service gives Heritage Academy students a major advantage—yielding results such as a 100% placement rate, and academic and athletic scholarships totaling over 1 million dollars for some graduating classes. Each high school student has access to a guidance counselor who will be there to help each step of the way, breaking down the American college search and application process. The counselors work diligently to ensure students have every advantage of getting into the college or university of their dreams, while continuing participation in their passion of choice. 

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