Top 6 Local Coffee Spots to Fuel Your Day

Looking for not just your average cup of joe? Here are some of the best, most unique coffee shops in Savannah, Georgia. 

They all offer their own personal flare and cultural touch through their coffee and cuisine, serving locally produced milk in their espresso drinks, so you can feel good about what you are putting in your body. Vegan or Gluten-Free? No problem. Savannah has a fully developed specialty fare scene, so you do not have to worry about sacrificing taste for your dietary restrictions.

Horchata Latte

The Fox Family: Foxy Loxy, Henny Penny, The Coffee Fox and Fox & Fig

Stimulate your taste buds at one of Savannah’s most creative and delicious coffee shops owned by local culinary enthusiast Jen Jenkin. Each shop has a unique ambience as well as menu: ranging from tex-mex fare at Foxy Loxy Print Gallery & Cafe to a wholly vegan menu at Fox & Fig Cafe. What further makes this chain stand out among the hordes of coffee shops in Savannah is their ability to make sure every item on their menu is ambrosial. Using natural, non-homogenized milk and locally-roasted coffee beans for their speciality drinks, the Fox Family provides a delicious, sustainable option for your cup of joe.

1919 Bull St •  Savannah, GA • 912.401.0543 • foxyloxycafe


Layered Dragonfruit-Yogurt Latte

Superbloom — Sip •  Shop •  Make

A unique new addition to the coffee scene, Superbloom offers a variety of healthy “Superfood Lattes” as their forefront for drinks. Using a diverse assortment of herbs, spices and teas to not only flavor their scrumptious drinks but also offer an array of health benefits as well. From skin and eye wellness to anti-inflammation and immunity boosts, there is a delicious drink for almost everything. 

2418 De Soto Ave •  Savannah, GA • 912.452.0106 • superbloom


The Collins Quarter Cafe at Forsyth Park

Rooted in an Australian Cafe theme, The Collins Quarter is a restaurant and coffee bar combination that will surely quench an adventurous foodie itch. The Aussie accents in their food and drink menu create a fun and unique atmosphere. With their Aussie Iced Coffee and Iced Espresso Mint Julep, there is no blandness or boredom found at this local spot.

621 Drayton St •  Savannah, GA • 912.298.6544 • thecollinsquarter


Mirabelle Cafe

The quintessence of a quaint, daytime-chic cafe, Mirabelle permeates both Southern charm and European flare. Their menu has a lovely blend of assorted coffee and liege waffles regional to Belgium. It is a perfect stop for a quick cup of coffee as well as a cozy place to study, its ambience providing fresh cleanliness and enchantment. 

313 Abercorn St •  Savannah, GA • 912.231.3936 • mirabelle

Chai Latte

The Sentient Bean

The Sentient Bean’s mission is not to just provide food for your mouth and stomach, but for your soul as well. This hip establishment offers fair trade coffee, a variety of milks, and sustainably sourced foods so that you can feel good about what you are putting in your body. Through ethical food fare and a casual atmosphere, The Sentient Bean welcomes you to a comfortable environment built on feeding your psyche and stomach. 

13 E Park Ave •  Savannah, GA • 912.232.4447 • thesentientbean

Vanilla-Bean Latte

PERC Coffee Roasters

Savannah’s very own local coffee roasters not only sell their beans, but make scrumptious espresso based drinks as well for the public. Located in an open warehouse-style shop where the beans themselves are roasted, PERC will serve customers a pour over, iced latte, or whatever espresso based drink you could desire. Founded right here in Savannah, the roasters have grown regionally, their beans now shared throughout the South in large scale grocery stores like Whole Foods and small businesses as well. PERC is the perfect spot for any coffee fanatic who appreciates thoughtfully roasted and produced espresso in their beverages.

1802 E Broad St •  Savannah, GA • 912.209.0025 • perccoffee


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