Top 3 Adrenaline Packed Ways to Play in the South Part 2

There are New Year's resolutions, and then there are summer resolutions. Resolve to make 2017 your most adventurous summer yet!


1. Canoe to a Tree House on the Edisto River

Fulfill your fantasy of sleeping in a treehouse by reserving one on the Edisto River, the longest undammed waterway in South Carolina. Carolina Heritage Outfitters in the town of Canadys midway between Charleston and Savannah will set you up with a canoe rental and your choice of three treehouses, accommodating two to eight guests.


2. Wakeboard at Hilton Head Island

Live Oac Outdoor Adventure Company can teach beginners to wakeboard, and give experienced riders a lengthy session behind a powerful boat. Plus, because the stretch of water they favor is just 15 minutes from their dock, guests can spend the bulk of their time at the towrope’s end.


3. Scuba Dive the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter

“This completely intact wreck is the shop favorite—all the instructors and divemasters love it,” said Morgan Chichester of the Comanche, found 30 miles offshore from Charleston. The former Great Lakes icebreaker now rests on the bottom at roughly 100 feet deep where it serves as a big fish oasis, attracting amberjacks, Atlantic spadefish and more.


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