Throwing an Awesome End of Summer Bash

As the season of whimsical water fun, bombastic barbecues, and stunning sunsets comes to a close, most of us experience that inevitable feeling of disappointment. Fight the urge to hibernate by throwing an awesome end of summer bash. Colder temperatures might be looming, but you can keep things steamy by following these tips for a super summer soiree.


Let There Be Wine (and Cocktails)

There’s something about summer that makes boozing even more fun, no? The warmer temperatures lend themselves to margaritas, mojitos, and other muddled concoctions. If you like to mix and mingle rather than slave behind a bar tending to guests, follow this tip by the queen of party throwing, Martha Stewart. Set up a “serve yourself” bar and allow guests to tap into things like alcoholic raspberry lemonade or pre-made mango margaritas. Beer lovers will appreciate a refreshing keg of Grapefruit Sculpin, tapped and ready to enjoy.

Make your serving even easier by investing in a refined bar cart from that will see you through many shindigs in the future. You can also really blow your guests’ minds by marking the momentous occasion with a personalized wine or champagne bottle from It is possible to throw a party and enjoy it, too, trust us.


Consider a Theme

A luau is always very festive and, if you’re looking for inspiration, simply type the term into Pinterest’s search feature, and your brain might explode from the plethora of ideas. However, if you’re seeking something a bit more creative, ask guests to come in golf attire. You can even set up a miniature putting green, and guests clad in knee-high argyle socks, crazy hats, and bright Ricky Fowler-esque clothing will make for great photos. Still not interested? There’s always the classic toga party, pajama party, or even a twin party (pick a partner and dress alike—trust us, laughs will abound).


Let the Outdoors Be Your Friend

With the end of summer looming, you know you’ll have plenty of indoor time in the months to come, so take advantage by going “al fresco” while you can. If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor kitchen, consider making your meal as guests mill about you. Either way, though, it’s easy enough to set up a few tables and allow guests to eat buffet-style. If you want to truly relax and enjoy the party as much as your guests, consider hiring a local taco vendor to come and serve tacos, quesadillas, rice, and even churros. These are always a huge hit and are often surprisingly reasonable.

Don’t forget to set the mood with some outdoor lanterns and twinkling lights. If you watched the hit show Parenthood, you know how much those outdoor family dinners made us all want to be honorary members of the Braverman Family. There are plenty of places to buy these, or you DIY’ers can have fun fashioning your own hurricane candles with mason jars and tea lights. Either way, these seemingly small touches will go a long way in adding ambience to your outdoor fete.


Music FTW (For the Win!)

A party isn’t a party until you add music. Consider what your goal is with your tunes of choice. Will you hire a piano player to add subtle ambience or hire a DJ for an all-out sweat sesh? Of course, if you’ve got a friend who’s talented on the guitar, an acoustic sing-along can be an absolute blast. “Sweet Home Alabama,” anyone? Looking to play your own specially curated playlist? Check out JBL Bluetooth speakers and choose from one of their awesome options.


Don’t Forget Desserts!

When it comes to summertime sweets, you don’t want to go with anything heavy. A modest dessert bar with lighter desserts will go a long way to impress guests. Consider chocolate covered strawberries, tiny ramekins filled with chocolate mousse, or homemade chocolate chip cookies (put some vanilla ice cream between these for a summer “sandwich”). A lovely fruit salad with fruit dip is also a nice alternative in the season of sultry temperatures.


Got a case of the August blues? We so get you. Combat the late season doldrums by following these tips for throwing an awesome end of summer bash.