The World’s Fittest Model/Fitness icon – Jamie Eason

fitness model jamie eason photographed by Mike byerley


The World’s Fittest and Healthiest Model/Fitness icon – Jamie Eason

A look back at South magazine's Dec/Jan 2011 Health & Wellness issue. This fit and feisty Southern belle regaled us with her stories from her fitness journey and Texas roots.
Jamie Eason is as real as it gets: she's a self-professed homebody who loves cooking and spending time with her Lab, Molly. She spent some time on the field as an NFL Houston Texans cheerleader. But her season was cut short when she was faced with a recurring breast cancer scare. Caught in its early stages, the suspicious lump was removed, and she began healing her body. Her recovery sent her back to a desk job where she quickly became unhappy with her inactive lifestyle.
Determined to turn her life around and get back in shape, she joined a local gym but discovered heavy weights alone weren't enough to get the results she wanted. With the help ofa nutritionist and personal trainer, Eason was fast on her way to reaching iconic status. Her first fitness competition resulted in her first win and a new direction in life. Although she's since given up competing, she's still devoted to a healthy lifestyle, and she wants to help others do the same. 
"We only grow when we challenge ourselves and push past our limitations."

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