The Top 4 Health Benefits of Owning a Pet

There have only been a few times throughout my life when I didn’t have a pet.

I always had cats, but recently I joined the dog side. I have read numerous articles which state that having a pet can improve your quality of life. I decided to put those theories to the test to see if my health has really improved since my fiancé and I adopted our dog Bella two years ago.


1. Pets Can Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Before we adopted Bella, I would come home from work stressed out. It would take me hours to wind down from the day. Sometimes I would have to have a glass of wine and five cookies to ease the stress. I would worry about laundry on the floor and dirty dishes in the sink, and I couldn’t find a way to detached from work. Once Bella came into our lives, I noticed a change in my anxiety levels. There was nothing more fulfilling than seeing her little pug face at the door when I got home from work. Suddenly, the dirty dishes in the sink didn’t matter. I didn’t bring my stressful day home with me. I thought back to the days when I had cats, and I remember they had the same effect on me. It is very true that having a pet can ease stress and anxiety allowing you a more peaceful life.


2. Pets Can Improve Your Social Life

Before Bella, I didn’t know anyone in my neighborhood. Once I started to walk Bella, I met other dog owners who I shared similar interests with. It was wonderful to learn about my community, and it gave Bella a chance to meet other dogs. Since I can be an introvert at times, having a dog has forced me to talk to other people. It is also beneficial to have a pet because then you can share stories with other pet owners about your pet. Having a pet will give you the opportunity to create an instant connection with others.


3. Pets Will Make You Exercise

I hate the gym and forced exercise routines. I have found my healthy lifestyle through my pets. Growing up, I trained all of my cats how to play hide and go seek. It didn’t feel like exercise because I was having so much fun. I enjoy walking Bella daily, which keeps us both healthy while having fun.


4. Pets Will Give You Companionship

I’ve talked to all of my pets, and they all have different personalities. Talking to your pet can actually give you a sense of comfort. If you live alone or someone you love is gone for the weekend, having a pet gives you companionship. I’ve treated all of my pets as if they are little humans covered in fur.

Having a pet can change your life, and improve your health. If you are thinking about adding a pet to your life, please adopt. There are plenty of amazing animal shelters in Savannah with animals who need a forever home.


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